Articles By: Amelia Shackelford

Pixie Carnation :: The New World Record (Tapete)

Pixie Carnation seems both optimistic and jaded; double entendres float through most of their songs. They could be singing about the end of a relationship, the end of the world or just another day in paradise. [Purchase] Pixie Carnation’s new album The New World Record may not be typical fair for Igloo readers; upon first […]

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V/A :: Kollektion Fall 2010 (

The Kollektion seems to break down into three movements: a panicked chase leads into a steady run, which, somehow, stumbles into a falling dream. Katabatik Records’ Fall Kollektion features eighteen widely varied artists.  It’s a somewhat intimidating work to review. Not only am I reviewing individual artists’ work, taken out of the contexts of their […]

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Meat Beat Manifesto :: Answers Come In Dreams (Metropolis / Hydrogen Dukebox)

“…Over the years, Dangers has inspired hip-hop, dubstep and trip-hop, but A.C.I.D. is none of the above. Using the tools of his past endeavors, Dangers pulls us into a dream from which we may not be able to wake…” Do 808’s dream of electric heartbeats? Meat Beat Manifesto’s Answers Come in Dreams, named after the […]

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